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Geocaching @ Barcamp Dornbirn

Today I attended the Barcamp in Dornbirn (#bcd09 ). It was the first barcamp I ever attended. For sure it was big fun and I am sorry that I was not able to attend both days. It was quite funny how I learned about this camp. During a stay in Domaso at the Lago Como I met Sacha Schlegel one of the organizers of the barcamp. During a nice evening at the Gelateria he invited me to join the barcamp and to have a session on Geocaching.

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Having big fun with K2 and 2.7.1

When I upgraded to WordPress 2.7.1 suddenly the entire layout of my page was spoiled.

  • The page was no longer centered
  • The header image did spread over the entire browser window

This time I was a little more careful blaming WordPress. You might remember – last time I thought there are problems with 2.6.5 – but I was wrong the latest Filezilla version I had a bug and was not able to upload more than two directory hierarch levels at a time.

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Troublefree Upgrade to WordPress 2.6.5

Everything would be so easy. Just Upload the files, make sure that your wp-config File is still in the root directory. And your page is up ans running. Well, except if you are using Filezilla because this version has problems with uploading the entire File Trees. It uploads first and second level folders but nothing below and this causes strange behaviors when you access your WordPress page.

It is really a pitty, that I thought that wordpress is the reason for the problem. But who would ever expect such a bug in Filezilla. Nevertheless it seems that the problem has been solved in the latest nightly of Filezilla. (They show the ticket as fixed in their bug tracking system).

The reason why I stick to WordPress 2.6.4 at the moment

Well, tonight I had my first upgrade-downgrade experience with WordPress.
Let’s start with the upside first:

  • The upgrade did work nicely – I uploaded the new files and the webpage still worked.

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