Project: V96/07

A new approach to Motorbiking in Vorarlberg

First of all:
The idea for this project was born by my good friend Martin Mittelberger
(Visit him at:

So what is it all about?
The target of this project is to visit all 96 official towns (“Gemeinden”) of Vorarlberg with my motorbike and to take a picture showing the town’s sign, my motorbike and me. To make it a little bit more interesting the following additional rules apply:

  • All 96 towns have to be visited in 2007
  • No speeding tickets are collected doing so

Actual Status:
96 out of 96 towns visited MISSION COMPLETED
0 tickets collected MISSION COMPLETED

Here are the pictures of my tour: Visited on: 2007-08-18 Visited on: 2007-05-25 Visited on: 2007-08-12 Visited on: 2007-05-25
Bartolomäberg www.bartholomaeberg.atVisited on: 2007-05-01
Visited on: 2007-05-27
Visited on: 2007-09-15
Visited on: 2007-05-25
Visited on: 2007-04-22

2 Responses to Project: V96/07

  1. Lewillyen says:

    Jetzt googelt man nach irgendwas im Web und wer erscheint auf dem ersten Bild…unglaublich. Du bist ja wirklich “allgegenw√§rtig”

    Lg. Martina H.

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