Geocaching @ Barcamp Dornbirn

Today I attended the Barcamp in Dornbirn (#bcd09 ). It was the first barcamp I ever attended. For sure it was big fun and I am sorry that I was not able to attend both days. It was quite funny how I learned about this camp. During a stay in Domaso at the Lago Como I met Sacha Schlegel one of the organizers of the barcamp. During a nice evening at the Gelateria he invited me to join the barcamp and to have a session on Geocaching.

Well, and so I joined the barcamp today and had a session on geocaching. About ten people attended and we had a very interesting talk. For those of you who are interested I have put my presentation on this page.
Link to the presentation (in German): geocaching @ barcamp dornbirn

Other Session I attended:

  • “Open Community Networks” by Alexander List
    A very interesting session on the build up of community wireless networks which are built up based on private broadcast knots based on technology such as private 5 GHz RF links. A good example for such a private broadcast network is the Funkfeuer Graz. Alex also stated that the build up of a fibre optic networks in urban areas will be key for Austria to stay competitive. A good example for a private fibre optics network
  • “Co-working &  Hacker Spaces”  by Christopher Clay and Eric Poscher
    An example for such a space is the Metalab in Vienna. The Metalab combines a electronic lab, an audio lab and many other rooms for different kind of activities – it is something like a social permanent barcamp. Co-working space is for example provided by the net culture lab in Dornbirn (Bertolinihaus). The Net culture lab in Dornbirn is now used as office space. Actually a new location is searched. Hacker Spaces is more focused on hobby, free thinking activities. The Common work spaces are more used for entrepreneurs with fixed working tables which can be rented on a monthly basis for 150,- to 200,- Euros. the Hacker space finances the rent from the membership fees and the selling of drinks (sodas). For a hacker space a certain critical mass is required to ensure that it can happen. Hacker Spaces are a mixture of social contacts, innovation and fun. To me it looks like Co-working spaces and Hacker spaces are like two worlds with some common targets. An example that combines elements from both worlds is the citizen space in San Francisco.
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  1. Hallo Bernhard

    Freut mich, dass es dir gefallen hat und dass du uns besucht hast.

    Vielen Dank für deine tolle Session über GeoCaching!

    Gruss Sacha

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