Having big fun with K2 and 2.7.1

When I upgraded to WordPress 2.7.1 suddenly the entire layout of my page was spoiled.

  • The page was no longer centered
  • The header image did spread over the entire browser window

This time I was a little more careful blaming WordPress. You might remember – last time I thought there are problems with 2.6.5 – but I was wrong the latest Filezilla version I had a bug and was not able to upload more than two directory hierarch levels at a time.

Yeah after checking out the respective forums I learned more and found out that the problem was k2 related. Luckily the latest nightly (Feb – 12 ) did fix the problem. But it had a nice side effect. Suddenly the page template “Default  with comment” was no longer supported and resulted in a crash of my Project V96/07 page.

Again it took some time before I learned that I had to switch back to the default page template (w/o comments) and had to activate the comments with a custom field.

… as allways … I was punished for touching a running system 😉

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